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What is a battle rope workout and what are its weight loss benefits

What is a battle rope workout and what are its weight loss benefits

The search for fitness has only grown in recent years. Enthusiasts all over the world are looking for innovative fat burning exercises, and one of the most effective solutions is a battle rope workout. So what is it about this exercise that can help you?

Whether it’s Khloe Kardashian, Deepika Padukone, Janvi Kapoor or Masaba Gupta – even celebrities have gone out of their way to get involved in battle rope training.

battle rope trainingIt’s a rigorous workout and a celebrity favorite. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Utsav Agarwal, Advance Plus Nutrition and Fitness Coach, Fittr, tells us all about the training trend.

“A battle rope workout is low impact but involves high intensity training ropes which are considered simple yet useful fitness equipment. Easy to maintain, maintain and use, they don’t need a lot of space and can be rolled up like a jump rope for easy storage. In addition, they are extremely versatile and are one of the few gym equipment that allows you to strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn a lot of fat and calories, all at the same time”, he adds.

How can you train with a battle rope?

A 10 minute battle rope workout can help you burn around 100 kcal (based on your body weight). Before you start hitting, here’s what you need to keep in mind for an effective workout:

1. Battle ropes come in various lengths and thicknesses. The ropes that are right for you depend on the type of workout you want to engage in and how much space you have to work with.

2. As a rule of thumb, remember that the thicker the diameter of the rope, the heavier the weight and the more force you need to use to move it. Beginners or newbies to string strokes should try using a 1-1 ½ inch string and work up to a 2-2 ½ inch string.

3. Twenty good slams are considered an ideal finisher for a beginner.

4. An individual’s starting position is extremely important and can decide their ability to move strings effectively. Before starting any battle rope workout, it’s important to maintain an athletic posture with your knees slightly bent, your pelvis tucked in, your core tight, and your chest straight.

5. The closer you are to the “anchor point” of the rope, the harder it will be to hit or swing the rope to the end. The further away you are, the tighter the rope. Thus, one must seek to identify and reach a “middle ground”, so that the rope does not completely touch the ground, but does not remain in the air.

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Benefits of using a battle rope workout in your exercise routine

1. Help in muscle formation

“A battle rope targets muscles that are often left out of standard training routines. They can help build some of the weak muscles. When working with the rope, waves, whips and beats, battle ropes can be manipulated up and down, side by side or even in circles to train a range of muscles. The stronger the grip, the better your muscles are targeted, while the overhand is brilliant for circular or lateral movements,” adds Agarwal.

2. Increase mobility

One of the functional benefits of battle ropes is that they can help you improve your range of motion. Regular rope practice will gradually improve mobility as well as movement in your shoulders, hips, core, knees, ankles and feet.

3. They are fun to use

One of the benefits of battle ropes is that they fight boredom and help you break out of any exercise rut. We’ve seen people often get tired of their traditional training on a regular basis, so adding this to your regimen can be a fun way to burn calories.