Using machines to help build muscle is a great way to spend your time at the gym, but they shouldn't be used before you've done a warm up to loosen your joints

Warm-up exercises help improve muscle elasticity and allow for efficient cooling, meaning less chance of accidentally hurting yourself or overheating during the workout.

A little warm up, which often includes low intensity cardio exercises, can help you feel fresher and prepare you for your target fitness goals

Benefits of Warm-Up Exercise

It also helps in reducing the stiffness in the body and allows your body to be in full range of motion while exercising, without facing much difficulty or muscle wear and tear

Warming-up raises your body temperature, which is good for the muscles. As the muscle temperature increases, oxygen becomes more available to your muscles, allowing them to contract and relax more easily

According to celeb fitness trainer Vinod Channa, doing a little conditioning workout or warm up can help your knees, elbows, shoulders and other under-utilised joints to exercise without difficulty

Stretching increases blood flow to muscles and allow the body to increase its flexibility in both the short and long-term. Stretch after warming up as when your muscles aren't properly warm can lead to injury

Warm-up exercises are a sequence of exercises done to prepare a person both physically and mentally for a workout or training. They're crucial to the success of a workout. Many warm-up routines also include stretching, which can be dynamic or static