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Using a smartphone can affect your skin and lead to premature aging

Using a smartphone can affect your skin and lead to premature aging

We all want glass skin. For that, we go in any measure. From homemade hacks, DIY face packs, following the latest skin trends to all those expensive skin care products – we do it all. But if those dark circles still exist and your skin remains as pale as before, the problem lies elsewhere. You won’t like it, but let us tell you that your smartphone is the problem. Yes, it can be shocking, but according to one skin expert, being glued to your smartphone can affect your skin.

Excessive use of cell phones exposes you to harmful radio frequency (RF) fields emitted by the devices. And it goes without saying that these rays are not good for your skin. Here’s a little more science – these radiations are electromagnetic rays. In totality, the more use you keep your skin exposed to your smartphone, the more damage you are doing to it.

According with the doctor. Srvya. C. Tipirneni, consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, reliance on cell phones for social media presence, communication or other purposes cannot be ignored or reduced.

She says: “Phone addiction and the various harmful effects it has on a person’s mind, body and health are being noticed. However, the lesser-known but significantly serious effects that cell phone use can have on a person’s skin are not well perceived.”

smartphone can affect your skinBeing glued to your smartphone is a type of addiction called Nomophobia. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.

5 Skin Problems That Can Damage Your Skin For Good If You Use Too Much Cell Phone

1. Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a generic term to describe inflammation of the skin. This problem often leaves the skin red and itchy and can occur in different forms due to various causes. Sometimes, there may also be swollen rashes, blisters, or scales. Cell phone radiation further accelerates antigens in those who suffer from allergies. The use of nickel and cobalt in phone trims can also cause skin dermatitis combined with radiation.

2. Chicken feet

“Crow’s feet refers to a kind of ramified wrinkle that usually forms at the outer corner of a person’s eye. These lines mostly diverge from a point on a bird’s footprint design, giving it its name. Prolonged gaze at the cell phone screen and continuous downward gaze can lead to the formation of wrinkles around the eyes and neck. The smaller font size and reduced brightness further exacerbate the problem,” says Dr. Tipirneni.

3. Wrinkled neck

Looking down continuously for a long period of time can cause neck wrinkles, and this is an early sign of aging. Persistent, regular looking gradually damages collagen in the neck. This causes even more wrinkles in the neck.

4. dark circles

This is one of the best known and most observed skin impacts. The blue light that comes out of cell phones affects a person’s sleep patterns. The less a person sleeps, the greater the possibilities of bags and dark circles under the eyes.

dark circlesDark circles can be corrected if you cut down on screen time. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Skin allergies and acne

“Yes! It may be news to you, but it’s true. Studies have found that cell phones are the main carriers of bacteria and germs. Experts even call cell phones more unhygienic than a public restroom. Phones are exposed to countless surfaces throughout the day that transfer the tiny germs and we keep using our phones in the same way, never realizing how many germs we are giving access to our body, resulting in allergies and skin acne,” Dr Tipirneni suggests.

The most basic way to avoid these skin problems is quite simple, make minimal use of cell phones.

Save your skin with these simple tips and reduce your smartphone usage

  • Don’t look at your phone screens for too long
  • Avoid using your cell phone before bed
  • Clean your cell phones regularly throughout the day with disinfectants/alcohol swabs
  • Do not use the phone when it is overheated. How this overexposure reduces the skin’s melanin production, giving you uneven skin tone and even dark spots
  • Be aware of skin issues related to the dominant side of your face that is in contact with the phone
yoga or exerciseExercise to use your time. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

So ladies, before you spend a fortune on these skin treatments and products, first check whether your smartphone is responsible for damaging your skin or not, then make a call.