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Top 7 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Top 7 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

The lower abdominal region or as we informally call it belly, has a tendency to gain fat quite fast. The fat of this region is stubborn in nature and therefore it takes a lot of effort to reduce belly fat. Sticking to a proper diet can help to reduce the fat from the entire body but if you want to burn the belly fat in particular, you must follow certain exercises. These work out are pretty simple and helps in spot reduction of belly fat. They hardly require any sophisticated equipment. You can easily perform them at home. So without delay let’s get started

  1. Running

This is the basic and perhaps the simplest of work out. You need no machinery, no specific location and nothing fancy to start your running regime. Running is an effective way to burn calories and puts a check to the deposition of extra fat in your body. while running, the lower abdomen experiences a vigorous movement and hence the belly fat starts to reduce. Do not forget to warm up before and cool down after running.

  1. Bicycle exercise

If you can do this with an actual bicycle, then nothing better. Make it a habit to traverse short distances by bicycle. This is the most efficient way to put your abdomen back to shape and also prevent the over deposition of fat. If you do not have an option to use an actual bicycle, then you can lie down on your back and put up your legs in a bending fashion till your chest. Now, mimic the pedaling movement as you do in a bicycle. Repeat this exercise in multiple reps to get best results

  1. Crunches

Crunches are an amazing exercise to make the abdominal core muscles toned and fat free. You can either perform reverse crunches or vertical leg crunches to get the maximum results. Simply lie down flat on the floor and cross your legs. Then try lifting them from the ground so that the full pressure is exerted on the abdomen. For vertical leg crunches, just lie down with your hands behind the head. Try lifting up your upper body half exerting the center of pressure at the belly. This too serves amazingly well to tighten the abdominal muscle

  1. Rolling plank exercise

The rolling plank exercise is good to stiffen your abs and in turn also reduce the belly fat. Lie down facing the floor. Now place your legs over the rolling plank placing it between the knees and toes. Now lift up your knee support from the ground and balance the body over the ab muscle. While doing this your neck and spine should remain perfectly aligned. This way the entire pressure of the body gets distributed evenly with the center of the gravity at your belly

  1. Scissor kicks

This is a pretty easy and simple workout that can help to get rd of the belly fat. Simply lie down on the floor, with palms underneath your hips. Now, keeping contact with the floor only through the hips, lift the other body parts like the upper back and legs. The entire pressure will; be concentrated at the abdominal region. Maintain this posture for at least 30 seconds at a time. This is a great exercise to shape up your abs and tone the ab muscles. Try doing at least 3 sets each comprising of 12 reps

  1. Sit ups

If you are just starting off your exercise module and you are a beginner then this one is appropriate for you. it involves no fancy techniques or sophisticated equipment. Lie down on mat. Look at the ceiling.  Now lift up your entire body, based on your core abdominal muscles. Yes guys, it is as simple as that. To get best results try performing it at least ten times initially and increase the intensity up to 50 times at a rep. do not overdo at the beginning. Increase the intensity gradually.

  1. Touching heels

This is another of those super simple mechanistic exercises which will yield fantastic results on daily performance. Lie down on the floor sideways and simply try touching your heel in this posture. Once on each side. Then take a break and do th3 same thing again in reps. Make sure the distance between the hips and heels is pretty good to enhance the toning of your abdominal muscles