Top Five Diet Plan for Weight Loss Man And Women

Top 5 Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Top 5 Diet Plan for Weight Loss

It is necessary to lose weight. Weight should be according to the height of a person. Heavyweight is a storehouse of deadly diseases like Diabetes, Heart Attack, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Knee pain issues etc. People should keep a check on their weight at regular intervals of time. Jogging, Exercises and Yoga is important for weight loss. Some changes in your routine diet are helpful for you to lose weight. There is some best diet plan for weight loss for Moms to get a perfect body structure. It is helpful to keep you away from deadly diseases.


The Top 5 Diet Plans to Lose Weight Are:

  • GM Diet Plan

GM Diet Plan is a 7 day diet plan for weight loss. While following the GM Diet plan you should drink 12-15 glasses of water in a day. You should avoid the consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, and high-calorie value food while following the diet plan for weight loss. 7 day diet plan for weight loss.

  • Day 1: You can have only fruits (excluding Bananas) from your diet.

  • Day 2: You should have only vegetables. As you can start your day with baked potatoes in your breakfast.

  • Day 3: You can have both fruits and vegetables. This should not include potatoes and bananas in your diet.

  • Day 4: You must have up to eight bananas, three glasses of milk and soup, which consists of onion, cabbage, and other green vegetables.

  • Day 5: On the fifth, you can have six tomatoes and two portions of lean protein like beef, chicken or fish.

  • Day 6: You can include a large number of proteins and vegetables in your diet.

  • Day 7: On the final day of the GM, diet plan. You can have brown rice, unlimited fruits, and vegetables but no protein.

The person who can strictly follow the diet plan for weight loss should adopt the GM diet plan. If you miss out the nutrients feel tired, dizziness and faint. It is necessary to cut the excessive exercise but you can do yoga. Weight loss is a fast speed and it is the true weight loss. You should consume carbohydrates during the time of weight loss. You can gain weight quickly. You lose muscles that can cause a reduction in the metabolic rate. It can become difficult for you to maintain your weight in the future.

  • 5:2

5:2 is a part-time diet plan. You have to eat normally for five days and fast for two consecutive days a week. The concept of 5:2 diet plan for weight loss comes from intermittent fasting. Some dieters can do easily because of their realistic goals. On the two consecutive fasting days, you should have 25% of your usual calorie, which means 500 calories for women, and 600 calories for men. It is useful for a standard amount of weight loss.

diet plan for weight loss

 Some studies have shown about the 5:2 diets, it can reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes and the risk of obesity-related cancer. Nevertheless, and some people eat more in the fast days. In the long term, it is not going to work out for weight loss.

  • Paleo

Paleo is a high-protein and low-carbohydrates diet. The concept of the diet is based on that we should hunter-gathering ancestors. You should include eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and species. Exclude sugar, potato, cereals, grains dairy products and salts from your diet. The diet plan is all about what you should reduce the use of processed food and focus the major use of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

It is an expensive diet plan. For some people, it is impossible to follow if they are vegetarian. This diet plan mainly relies on meat. It cut the use of dairy products and whole grains. Which in turn can cause the deficiency of nutrients? The follow up for this diet can reduce the chances of cancer and heart disease.

  • New Atkins

New Atkins diet focuses on the reduction of carbohydrates from the diet.  With this, your body switches into the fat burning mode. In this diet plan, you get to know the balanced carbohydrates intake for you so that your body weight remains stable. You should cut down on the consumption of alcohol. The current healthy guidelines are all about to reduce the consumption of the saturated fat, meat, and red meat.

 However, according to the diet plan you consume these food items. This can cause the increase in the risk of heart attacks. While following the diet plan you start feeling tired, dizziness, bad breath, and constipation because of a sudden reduction in the carbohydrates from your normal diet. You can reduce 15lbs in a week by following the diet plan. Actually, there is a reduction of water from your body rather than the true fat loss.

  • Slim Fast

Ultimate Slim Fast is a diet plan that is about the meal replacement plan. It is for the people whose Body Mass Index is 25 or more. There is no time limit for the diet plan. You can follow the diet plan to achieve your weight loss target. While following the diet plan you can lose 1-2lbs in a week. You achieve the target of your weight loss. The plan advises following the meal replacement on alternate days. The plan is easy to follow as you can easily stick to it for a long period. The diet plan is not all about changing your eating habits and behavior for a long time. You can take the help of the online support to get the diet chart to follow.


It is easy to gain weight but difficult to lose it. Whichever diet you adopt, you should it strictly. You need to make while adopting any kind of the diet plan about your past medical history. In the future, while following the diet plan you should not get any kind of problem. You should choose the diet plan according to your lifestyle and weight loss target.

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