Short Hairstyles, Haircuts & Short Hair styles Ideas for 2019

How to Change Your Look with Short Hairstyles in 2019

How to Change Your Look with Short Hairstyles in 2019

Almost every woman looks good with short hairstyles. Some short styles suit any face cutting. While on the other hand, some styles have a niche in terms of face shape, hair texture and hair colour. What makes your look standout is choosing the perfect style for your face.

2019 is a blissful year for people who want a short hairstyle. Whether it is jet black hair or a bush of light brown hair, the most popular hairstyles this year are long bobs,pixies, shags etc. To add a bit of variation, you can use layers and bangs. In fact, introducing layers to most basic hairstyles can make transform your look totally!

Let us look at some short hairstyles of 2019 which are going to transform your look with just layers and bangs.

  • Layered Framing Style: This is a layered haircut which includes fringes in front; yet the fringes and rest of the hair are put away from the face in this style.
  • Super Modern Layered Bob: If you have thick hair, this is a very versatile, contemporary look you can go for. This style can suit almost anyone, yet those who have straight light brown haircan try this look with highlights. It looks like a simple bob hair with numbers of layers from the front to the descent of the hair.
  • Spikey Layered Pixie: If you are a fan of eccentric hairstyles, this is something you want to try. The hair style includes square and disconnected layers of pixie and one long asymmetrical fringe. Trying this on a brown hair with blonde highlights makes it look sassy and serious at the same time.
  • Side Swept Bangs: Side swept bangs are especially popular with women of over 40s with light brown hair. This hairstyle looks classy and professional and at the same time youthful as well. No matter which short hairstyles you want to try, be it a pixie or a bob, side swept bangs are going to look amazing.
  • Long Pixie with Sharp Layers: Pixies are cute and long pixies are for those women who want to manifest their inner tomboys through their looks. Adding wispy layers to that brings a different touch. The short lengths express an edgy style and class. In fact, it is a great hairstyle for people with straight hair. It is basically a minimalistic hairstyle. To add more glamour to this, you can try highlights. If you have brown hair with blonde highlights, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly.

Short hairstyles are in for fashion and layers and bangs are trendy right now. Combining these two is an amazing idea to go for this year. You can also try different highlight options to bring versatility to your look. You can go for uncommon colours like blue, violet, purple or golden highlight. Even basic highlights like burgundy, blonde, brown can bring an unconventional twist to your look.

So, this year go with short styles and highlights to bring a much awaited change to your regular look!