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Run faster or longer to lose weight, which is better

Run faster or longer to lose weight, which is better

Eating healthy is an integral part of a good lifestyle, but you’ll lose BIG if you skip exercise. Of course, there are several types of exercise to choose from, but running is a favorite, in addition to walking, for many. That’s also because you can do these exercises anytime, without any equipment. And they contribute to weight loss! But if you’re a runner, you might have wondered what’s better: speed or distance?

Well, that’s what we’re going to try to understand. To learn more about this, Health Shots reached out to Siddhesh Vojhala, Advance Coach, Fittr’s Fitness and Nutrition. Here’s what he says: “Among other ways, running and walking are considered a great way to maintain an active lifestyle. It is important to note that each individual has different levels of fitness. Different people have different fitness goals where some people want to run marathons, some people prepare for a race and some people just want to lose fat. Based on the individual’s ultimate goal, they can choose whether you want to run faster and further.”

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Will running faster or further help more?

If someone is getting ready to run a marathon, going further is important. But for those who want to participate in a race, running faster is useful. However, if one wants to lose the extra fat, both forms of running will help, where the duration and amount of work done will determine how many calories you’ll burn, says Vojhala.

“It’s important to note that weight loss doesn’t just happen by introducing running into your regimen. It needs to add a little weight training and combine it with the right nutrition which will help with weight loss. Running, however, is a form of exercise routine that helps speed up the calorie burning process and can play a role in the weight loss journey,” he adds.

How can running help with weight loss?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that if your goal is to lose weight, running will help you increase your step count. Keep a sustainable step count in a day. Keep a step count goal and frequent it with running, walking, which helps you stay active throughout the day.

“The benefits of any exercise, especially running and walking, are the same for men and women. If we go by an industry study, running and walking are associated with reduced mortality rate among individuals,” adds Vojhala.

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Discipline is the keyword for starting and eventually adhering to a fitness regimen. This goes for running too. To make it a habit, it is essential to start slowly. It’s easy to inculcate running as a habit on a regular basis. “If someone doesn’t have a busy schedule, you can find time to walk and run at any time of day. You can also dedicate and schedule some time during the day to walk/run,” advises Vojhala.

For someone who is just starting an exercise regimen, starting with brisk walks for a certain duration is most beneficial. You can then slowly increase to run further or faster.