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How to Make Yourself Throw Up

How to Make Yourself Throw Up

At the very beginning, I must confess to all those who are reading the article that throwing up is a horrible idea. There is a concept prevalent among some individuals that throw up can be used as an effective means to control weight and bring down the excessive body weight. This is utmost unscientific concept and a horrible practice. You must try to remain as far away from this habit as possible

Still then at times it become necessary to throw up and therefore I am sharing a few of the easiest tricks that I personally use for throwing up. We will also discuss about the probable side effects of throwing up at the end of the article

  1. Take in a lot of Salt mixed warm Water

The salt in the water disrupts the normal electrolytic balance of the body causing a total disruption of the ionic equilibrium of the body and especially the gut. The gut auto induces the pukish feeling in this process. the body actually makes an attempt to reestablish the normal equilibrium. In this course, you start to throw up. This hastens the process of throwing up and leads to efflux of the available gut content

  1. Put in the finger in your esophagus

This is the most common and the usual process that we all try to throw up. As you stimulate the posterior portion of your tongue, it initiates a regurgitation reflex in your body. this makes you feel nauseous and lets you throw up. The best results in throwing up are obtained from this method because the effect is instant. Within a short time, span of stimulating the esophagus, you will start throwing up

  1. Coming in contact with horrible smell and sight

This might sound too weird and personally speaking, I could never develop the guts to go to this extent for throwing up but that does not deny the fact that this is a potential way to stimulate vomiting. When you purposely expose yourself to the worst of sight and smell, you feel like vomiting. The smell or sight carries a strong stimulus via the neurons of your body to the brain. The brain decodes the stimuli and generates a reflex to make you throw up. Ultimately you end up in vomiting

  1. Consume baking soda

Another easy process of inducing a throw up is taking in lots of water mixed with ample of baking soda. Baking soda also disturbs the normal electrolytic balance of the body. in an attempt to refurbish the previous equilibrium of the ionic concentration, the body stimulates throwing up. An extreme urge to vomit develops on consumption of baking soda. The nauseous feeling is strengthened when you indulge in baking soda. It is one of the most potent throwing up inducing agent

  1. Having thoughts related to vomiting

When you concentrate on the idea of vomiting and become successful in creating a pseudo environment for your brain to believe that throwing up is an essential call of the moment, you can end up in throwing up. There are two issues with this method. First is that, this has barely any physiological basis and is a complete psychological phenomenon, therefore might fail to produce desired effects at times. Secondly, it is time consuming. This method is full of uncertainty. You never know, when you shall be able to throw up.

Let us come to a couple of other things that must be discussed as we talk in context of throwing up

Throwing up naturally is only okay when you are suffering from severe indigestion or food poisoning. In such circumstances, you might think of throwing up as getting rid of unwanted stuff from your gut will relieve the problem temporarily.

Few people have motion sickness and might feel nausea tic whenever they ride on buses, cars, ships or airlines. This is completely normal and under such circumstances you really cannot do anything other than allowing your body to do whatever it feels like.

Other than such natural circumstances, any person irrespective of their medical status should not indulge in self-induced throwing up.

Now, let us have a quick glance at the side effects of continuous forceful throwing up

  1. This will to throw up constantly, ends up in a stochastic disorder termed as BULIMIA. This usually happens when one tries to vomit after every meal thinking it will allow them to lose weight. This is absolutely not justified and if you are on the verge of developing a psychological ailment as this, you need immediate medical help
  2. Throwing up willfully time and again, will cause extreme stress on the esophagus and the entire gut. The physiological mechanism of the body does not validate the regurgitation of food back from the gut, so this is something abnormal that you are trying to do. With time, you can develop serious health issues like electrolyte imbalance, severe dehydration and ulcers.

Hey guys, hope the article was useful to you