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How to Lose Weight Gain During Ramadan

How to Lose Weight Gain During Ramadan

Festivals come with a lot of indulgence, especially in terms of food. The month of Ramadan is really a great way to do intermittent fasting, but many are unable to stop their greedy bellies and gorge on fatty, calorie-rich foods for Iftar. All of this conspires to make you gain more weight than ever before! As the month of Ramadan draws to a close, we are sure many people are wondering how to lose the extra weight they may have gained. In case you are looking for some weight loss tips after Ramadan, we have you covered.

Health Shots caught up with Mujtaba Kamal, fitness expert at, who listed some effective weight loss tricks to eliminate the flab you gained during Ramadan.

Here are some helpful weight loss tips you can follow:

1. Exercise

It’s a no-brainer! Get into burning mode and commit to a workout you think you can do. Include exercises that involve pushing, pulling, squatting, lunge, hinge, and carrying movements into your overall exercise routine. By focusing on exercises accompanied by these basic movement patterns, you can build the strength you want while improving your daily functions.

Kamal says, “A combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training during calorie deficit (burning more calories than you’re eating) would work best for fat loss.”

weight lossYoga can help you a lot with weight loss. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

However, if you are completely new to fitness, you should start with low-intensity activities like walking or yoga and gradually increase the intensity and type of activity. This will ensure that you are not diving into something your body is not ready for.”

2. Understand what it means to lose weight

“Let me first explain the definition of ‘weight loss’ and ‘fat loss’. While these terms are used interchangeably, each has a different definition,” says Kamal.

Weight loss refers to a decrease in the total body weight of muscle, water and fat. Fat loss refers to weight loss from fat, and is a more specific and healthier goal than weight loss alone. So, in order to become healthier, stronger, and look leaner, our goal should be to maintain or increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass. Resistance training helps build muscle mass and muscle tissue burns more calories.

abdominal fatFollow these tips to tuck your belly in post-Ramada. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Watch your diet

After Ramadan, your diet and schedule should change again. So it’s imperative to pay close attention to what you eat right now. While everyone’s lifestyle and diet may be different, one should try to maintain a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, good fats, and protein.

After the Eid celebrations are over, it might be good to cut out refined sugar and processed foods. Focus on eating vegetables and fruits to cleanse your system and get your nutrients in order. And, if you want to shed those pounds faster, go for the calorie deficit! Eat fewer calories than you burn or burn more calories than you eat!

Above all, be patient with the process, stick to a diet that suits your lifestyle, and give yourself time to readjust to the post-Eid festivities. Enjoy the festival guilt-free if you opt for healthy food alternatives.