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Here’s how to prevent suntans, dry skin and more

Here’s how to prevent suntans, dry skin and more

Summer time is also swimming time! But don’t forget that the chlorine present in the pool can be aggressive to your skin Yes, it’s true! Although chlorine is added to water to kill germs, excessive exposure to it can dry out the skin and cause irritation and itchiness. Don’t lose hope here! You can still swim and protect your skin. Just follow these skin care tips before and after swimming that can protect your skin from the negative impact of chlorine.

In her recent Instagram post, dermatologist Jaishree Sharad shared some basic yet effective skin care tips that everyone should follow before going to the pool and after stepping out.

These are some skin problems caused by pool water:

Dry skin: One of the most common skin problems that tops this list is dry skin. Your skin can become dry, irritated and even itchy. And guess what, dry skin can also contribute to aging.

swimming care tipsYou don’t want to add to your skin care problems, so try these tips. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Skin rashes: When you are exposed to chlorine for long hours, it can cause your skin to itch or even lead to a rash. Rashes can appear on anyone due to chemical sensitivity.

Burns: Swimming long hours in the pool, especially in the summer, can also cause skin burns. However, it can be easily prevented.

Let’s find out the pre and post-swim skin care routine you should follow:

1. Use a moisturizer

A moisturizer is actually very essential if you want to reduce the impact of swimming water on your skin. Applying it before going to the pool will not prevent drying, but will also create a protective layer on the skin. “Use a moisturizer that contains dimethicone, glycerin, oils, or petrolatum on your skin before and after swimming,” suggests Dr. Sharad.

2. Don’t forget your sunscreen

Be sure to apply sunscreen after applying moisturizer to your skin.
Sharad suggests wearing waterproof sunscreen for at least 20 minutes before getting into a pool. Also, reapply every two hours. And look for a water-based sunscreen so it doesn’t get out in the pool water.

3. Sunscreen under the eyes

Most people apply sunscreen under their eyes. But avoid applying it underneath and wear tight-fitting swimming goggles.

swimming care tipsUsing the right sunscreen correctly is important to protect you from sunburn. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Swimming cap

While taking care of your skin, don’t forget to protect your hair. Do not enter the pool without a well-fitting swimming cap. It will also help you to prevent your stray hairs from floating around too!

5. Take a shower

After swimming, take a shower immediately to rinse the chlorine out of your skin. You can use a mild cleanser to cleanse your skin, before taking a proper shower.

6. Hydrate

After showering, don’t skip the moisturizer. Moisturizing the skin generously will prevent it from drying out due to the chlorine.

The Doctor. Sharad also advises you to avoid swimming between 10am and 4pm. The best time to swim is early in the morning or after sunset.