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Here’s how to lose fat by cycling

Here’s how to lose fat by cycling

You don’t always have to get big if you want to lose a few pounds. Instead, you can make fitness easy and fun. You can start your fitness journey with simple aerobic exercises. And what’s better than riding a bike? Cycling is not just a way to get fit, but also a fun outdoor activity to check out your neighborhood or even go to work. This will not save you money by itself, but it will also keep your fitness in check.

Understandably, weight loss will not happen over time. So, you need to be consistent and start somewhere.

To learn how cycling can be your cardio workout for quick weight loss, HealthShots spoke with Dinesh Godara, fitness expert and founder of

How is cycling different?

“Cycling is the easiest and most affordable form of training. It’s a great outdoor activity and makes fitness more fun. While cardio will benefit you and make you healthier and fitter, it won’t help you do it alone. It would be better to pair your weight loss routine with healthy eating habits and energy-packed meals. This combination will help you achieve your goals over time,” says Godara.

But cardio can get monotonous over time, and people give up halfway through because they may not find any results quickly. So this begs the question of how cycling can be the best cardio workout for weight loss.

indoor vs outdoor cyclingGive cycling a chance, ladies. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What is the best way to cycle to maximize weight loss results?

There is no one right way to ride a bike. But, the study suggests that there are several ways you can make cycling enjoyable and worthwhile. Some of them are:

1. Start on a flat surface

If you’re new to cycling, you can start on a flat surface and then move up to the uplift and hilly region. That way, you won’t be exhausted and you’ll even feel comfortable with cycling.

2. Warm up

Before starting any exercise, it is advisable to warm up for 15 minutes. The same goes for a cycling session. Indulging in warm-up and stretching activities will reduce your risk of joint injuries and muscle stress.

stretchingStretching before pedaling is crucial. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Start slowly

You may stress about completing a specific distance longer. But, it is advisable not to focus on numbers. Instead, listen to your body and the strength of your legs and set realistic goals.

4. Keep the intensity moderate

It is essential to understand that maintaining a regular pace is necessary for cycling. You need to start with medium intensity and then increase the speed gradually. This will help you sustain for longer periods and increase your efficiency.

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There’s more to cycling than weight loss

By now, you know that cycling affects your metabolism and your body, but you need to do more to lose weight. By combining cycling with strength training and other forms of exercise, you can do it better, faster and more robustly. So there’s no denying that cycling will help you lose belly fat. It’s best to keep changing your routine and mixing it with other forms of training to overcome boredom and dullness during sessions. Cycling will also make you flexible, active and healthy. And as a beginner, you can always start with 10 minutes of cycling. Also, don’t forget to rest and recover.