HealthPally on Studies' Proven Health Benefits of Goji Berries

HealthPally on Studies’ Proven Health Benefits of Goji Berries

HealthPally on Studies’ Proven Health Benefits of Goji Berries

There are quite a number of scientific studies on the health benefits of goji berry on man.

Especially in China, there are interesting studies that proved the positive effects of this fruit.

There are also interesting studies from the United States here.

The Scientists free life international, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona investigations should prove whether and what are the effects of goji juice on the general well-being of the people.

Goji Berry Effects on Digestion

For example, in a case where Subjects were given 120 ml of goji berry juice per day.

After a short time, the subjects reported enhanced performance and energy after a few days.

An effect that was reported by virtually all subjects was the improvement and regulation of digestion.

Goji Berry Effects on Sleep

Also, it has been described that, sleep has been drastically improved and the subjects woke up in the morning easy and refreshed.

 Stress has been reduced and the subjects felt balanced and happy. The study was only conducted over a period of 15 days.

The studies from the United States would be controlled with a placebo group.

The subjects who received the Goji Berry Juice noted drastic changes in their well-being, while the placebo group reported no difference in health.

Slimming with Goji Berry

You can reduce your weight by taking the Goji berries but this is not going to happen like magic and you’re not going to get result in few days, says Healthpally.

In fact, it must be in combination with other diet and support of workout that are planned towards shedding some pounds.

Researchers discovered that, diet that includes food substances with rich amounts of antioxidants are a good helper in lowering your weight.

It will also help to improve general health and studies have shown that, Goji berry is the most enriched food with antioxidants.

This makes iit an ideal food to lose weight naturally without any side effects.

It is even having more antioxidants than blueberries, says HealthPally doctor.

Since it’s important to maintain your weight in order to live a better life, it’s a good business to control your weight.

Especially if you’re overweight as obese people are susceptible to many diseases, usually the heart related ones.

However, Goji berries could be a savior to help you reducing weight with its high level of antioxidants.

For one, the fiber here gives a feeling of satiety and they lower the blood sugar rise.

Goji Berry and Cancer

Another one that interest me is the study that has been published in conjunction with Goji Berry extract and cancer diseases.

This study had resulted in the finding that, cancer tumors can be countered by the extract.

A further positive effect in the treatment of cancer was that the improvement in the general well-being of the patients, although they were weakened by chemotherapy and radiation.

Therefore, the use of Goji berries as an alternative remedy and to support the conventional medicines is recommended.

Health Benefits of Goji Berry on Alzheimer’s

Further studies prove the effect of Goji berries in Alzheimer’s.

Some deposits in the brain are responsible for this disease.

Researchers examined the effect of the active ingredients in the Goji Berry and the result was that, Alzheimer’s can be slowed down and prevented.

Mood swings, dementia diseases, depression and the like which are age related can also be improved and avoided entirely.

Studies clearly proved that Goji berries are healthy and, taking it regularly, you can prevent various diseases.

Organs such as liver and prostate or the pancreas can be protected.

Where Can you Buy Goji berries?

If you have the ability to grow Goji berries in your own home garden, then, you can have it both fresh and dried form for consumption.

However, if you don’t have enough space to grow it, you can buy any good health or food stores.

Any Side effect of Goji Berries?

The Goji berries which stimulate the metabolism and therefore make the body consume more energy. Also, the calories and fats are burned by the energy consumption.

I’ve emphasized on the fact that, if you have to take any drug that serve as a blood-thinning agent or you’re having genetic problems with your blood, you should consult a doctor before taking the capsules and even berries, either to be taken fresh or dried.

Otherwise, it is not really known that the berries have negative properties. Although, previously, it was believed that they are poisonous, so we now know that this is not the case, but on the contrary, the Goji berries are health beneficial.


The Goji berry has high content of vitamin C and B complex, it has a tremendous success in healing medicine.

Consuming it regularly will make you to lower high blood pressure and the immune system in particular will become strengthened.

It is also known that, it works very well on the brain and increases the activity there.

The Berry is a great natural miracle cure.

You can take the Goji Berry capsules if you don’t like the tart taste of red berries, since it does not matter whether they are well dried or fresh.

Therefore, you can choose to buy the capsules with the active ingredient of Goji berries.

 These are very easy to take, and above all, you have always the correct dosage.

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