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Have to start the day or run away cheaply or fight gossip with friends. Everything seems to be incomplete if tea sips are not taken.

Let the laziness of the night be touched, and the day should be so wacky, open the eyes in the morning, and get, a cup of hot tea!

Have to start the day or run away cheaply or fight gossip with friends. Everything seems to be incomplete if tea sips are not taken. But do you think this is a good and healthy habit?

Tea may remove our lethargy, but it causes problems related to stomach problems such as stomach gas, acid, chest irritation, sour belching, loss of appetite, etc. Yes, drinking tea on an empty stomach is a very bad habit, especially in summer. Tea also contains some amount of caffeine and L-L-theanine, theophylline, which acts as a stimulant. Apart from this, the process of bile juice gets irregular by drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning. Due to which you may feel nauseous and nervous.

The doctor also said that “To be healthy, we should drink healthier tea instead of milk tea.” Many times we think that we will stop drinking tea but still do not give up this habit despite wanting. In such a situation, if you get a tea that after drinking, there will be no stomach problems along with freshness, then what will you do? ‘Let us know about such healthy and tasty tea from Dietitian Sweta Mehra

Have a cup of tea and be healthy

Drug clove tee

If you are fond of drinking tea and are among those women whose morning tea does not start without a cup of tea, then drink tea with cloves once. Clove tea is very beneficial for health. Simply put, clove tea is a medicine. Dietician Sweta Mehra says, “Clove tea is very beneficial to protect you from the cold because it improves your immunity.” Can survive winter. Also from cough and cold. If you want to get rid of the pain in your body and muscles, then definitely drink clove tea.

Lose weight cinnamon tea

Dietician Sweta describes cinnamon Tea as saying that “Cinnamon T prevents insulin from suddenly increasing in the hormone.” This tea does not contain calories, so it helps to reduce more calories. “Boil a cup of water in the pot and add cinnamon, then keep it on low flame for five minutes. Allow this tea to cool and then add honey to it.

Peppermint Tea

The taste of the Peppermint Tea is very appealing. Due to its taste and properties, it is one of the famous varieties of tea around the world. This tea is considered soothing. Mint tea enhances the digestive system by stimulating the flow of bile, which helps in reducing weight. It not only removes the gas problem but also acts as a painkiller. It reduces the pain of cramps, flatulence, and indigestion.

Chamomile tea

Almost everyone knows about the benefits of green tea, but do you know about chamomile tea? It is very beneficial and also helpful in warding off diseases. Chamomile tea is considered to be the most harmful of all the herbs for arthritis. The anti-inflammatory elements present in it are beneficial in the treatment of Arthritis. Chamomile relieves T gas and muscle strains. Dietician Sweta Mehra says that “chamomile helps to relieve the tea stress so that you get better sleep”.

Ginger tea

Consuming ginger tea protects you from cold and diseases caused by it. Since the nature of ginger is warm, it brings warmth to the body, as well as drives laziness away. It also increases your immunity, due to which you are protected from diseases. Ginger tea is a great cure for cold-related headaches. Drinking ginger tea is very beneficial in women who have period-related problems. Drinking it improves blood circulation, which reduces body pain.

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