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Bodybuilding tips for women for weight loss

Bodybuilding tips for women for weight loss

It’s no myth that for men and women, weight training helps them lose fat more effectively. It also helps to build lean muscle mass which brings more benefits. If you ask me, everyone should and should lift weights in some form for their own benefit. In addition to paving the way for faster weight loss, this form of training has many more benefits on your body’s shape and strength.

To emphasize the same, HealthShots spoke with Spoorthi, fitness expert at She gave some tips, especially for women, to keep in mind when performing any kind of bodybuilding activity.

These weight training tips will be helpful for faster weight loss:

1. Don’t be afraid to lift weights

Doing any form of resistance training helps you build lean muscle mass, which increases your overall metabolism. In addition, it also gives you the ‘toned’ body you’ve always wanted and helps with weight loss.

2. Plan your workouts around your menstrual cycle

Yes, you can benefit more by aligning your workouts with the luteal, follicular and ovulation phases. Increase the intensity right after your period and take it easy and decrease the intensity in the days before your period or during PMS.

birth control pillsIt is advisable to take your periods into account when training with weights. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Have your own workout plan

It’s not a myth that bodies react differently to workouts, especially between men and women. There are many factors like your hormones – which can determine and affect your progress levels. Therefore, it is always better to have a personalized training plan.

4. Reducing is cool

Many moves can be difficult to pull off if you’re just starting out. Take your time and take it slow. Scale down and run the easier alternatives whenever necessary. Work on progressions so you can build up to the first push-up or climb.

5. Focus on getting stronger

Looking good is the expected result of bodybuilding by most people and who doesn’t want to look better, right? But it’s important to direct your focus to getting stronger. It’s highly motivating and a great way to look forward to your workouts.

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6. Know that you won’t be ‘bulky’ or ‘manly’

It is important to remember once again the fact that men and women have different hormone levels. One of these hormones is testosterone. This is the hormone that contributes to greater and better muscle growth. Women only have 10% testosterone levels compared to men, so it’s technically impossible for women to get bulky from weight training alone, unlike their male counterparts.

7. Show up and don’t give up

Stay consistent with your training and your nutritional habits. Some days at the gym will be great, but some – not so much. Regardless, keep going and focus on the day’s workout – that’s what will get you to your ultimate goal!