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7 exercises that will carry you through the morning

7 exercises that will carry you through the morning

The gym has no place for sleepers, but our lifestyle is such that we are always sleep deprived. Result – yawning and lack of focus. But it also means you won’t get the kind of results you expect from your exercise routine, and you’ll end up demotivated. OH MY GOSH! I hadn’t thought of this process chain, had I? Well, that’s why we’re here to shake you up with a series of exercises that will motivate you to wake up from your slumber.

Come, let’s take a look.

7 exercises that will help you energize yourself at the gym

  1. Stairs: Don’t underestimate the power of using stairs. They are a great way to start your exercise routine. Walking up and down a ladder is a great compound exercise that not only acts as cardio, but also trains your muscles. Also, the kind of effort you need to do this will help you burn calories. Pro tip: don’t go slow.

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  2. Jump and crouch: Mixing two exercises is one of the best ways to wake up. Trust us, it helps boost your concentration like no other, which is important especially when you need to work on something important. If you get bored with this one, you can definitely try mixing two exercises of your choice.
  3. Jumping monkeys: How can jumping jacks do the trick? Well, first of all, you need to focus on yourself instead of looking here and there. If you focus on three things while doing jumping jacks, it will not only wake you up but also give you better results. Here are those three things: engage your core, keep your arm muscles tense, and lastly, watch your breath.
  4. Burpees: Do we really need to say something about the baap of all the cardio exercises? We don’t think so. Just a tip – just doing a few of them won’t make a difference. Do a few sets of at least 15 to 20 repetitions to see results.
  5. Knees high: It’s your breathing that makes all the difference. As you do high knees, your heart rate accelerates very quickly and helps you get out of your drowsy state.

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  6. Race: Remember not to run, but to run. The logic is the same – you focus better when you run really fast, there’s hardly time to stray from what you’re doing, and your breathing will do the rest. You can do a circuit sprint, for example 1 minute sprint, 30 second walk and repeat.
  7. Ignoring: Just like jumping jacks, the bottom is the same. But here’s an addition, watch your jump. The higher you jump, the better results you will get and the faster you will witness an energy boost. At least 500 jumps are what you need.

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So make any of these exercises your wake-up call and reach your weight loss goals without any hassle!