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6 strength-building exercises for the superwoman in you!

6 strength-building exercises for the superwoman in you!

If you train regularly or are willing to do so, you know what we’re talking about. Strength building exercises are necessary to achieve greater endurance, improve heart health and reduce stress levels. As the name implies, you will feel a difference in your body’s ‘strength’ once you get into the routine of doing it. It not only boosts your energy levels, but it will also help you stay fit, motivated, manage your stress levels, boost your immunity, and strengthen your core.

It cannot be said enough that women also need to lift weights and train to get stronger and fitter. Here are some basic moves you can do. These can be done individually or all in one day for a good full-body workout.

To learn about these muscle-strengthening exercises that can be done with ease, HealthShots spoke with Spoorthi, fitness expert, Cult.fit. She suggests some moves.

Strength building exercises to add to your exercise routine:

1. Squats – Goblet/Front Squats

The squat is one of the primary movements that helps build maximum lower body strength. The goblet squat and front squat variations are an excellent way to add additional load, but they also work on thoracic and ankle mobility.

squatsToning your glutes can do squats, but it’s worth it. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Push-ups

Any variation of a pushup helps to build upper body strength. While it may be difficult to perform for some, you can start by developing core strength by working on the high plank first and then progressively working on the push-ups.

3. Pulses

Lunges are another great move that can help build strength and stability in your lower body. This move also requires greater one-sided strength. You can add weights to this and make it more challenging.

walking lungeLunges, if done correctly, can help you lose weight as well. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Curved rowing

Perform this move with any equipment like a dumbbell, barbell, or even kettlebells. A curved row is a great move to strengthen your back muscles. While it works on the upper back, it also involves the entire posterior chain.

5. Air pressure

This is a fundamental move that is simple to perform and great for upper body strength. There are also other dynamic variations to this movement that can be great progressions.

6. Deadlift

The deadlift is also one of the most versatile moves. There are many variations of deadlifts (Sumo, Conventional, Romanian, Single Leg, etc.), but the Romanian deadlift can be a great place to start.

You can choose to do these exercises on different days based on your plan. Or even do it all on the same day in circuit form. Either way, these fundamental exercises are a must for every woman in your workout plan to bring out the superwoman in you!