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5 exercises that are better than a twister

5 exercises that are better than a twister

It is found in every corner of the gym and most of you spend a lot of time thinking that you are the best belly shaper. Can you guess which gym equipment we are referring to? Bingo! Twister is. Now think about the time you spend every week on this machine? We’re asking because if you’re overdoing it with twitter, you need to stop it immediately.

Yes ladies, apparently your beloved twister who you really think is getting those curves might not be doing anything for your waistline. In fact, overdoing it can affect your oblique, lower back, and even your knees. That’s because 90% of people do it absolutely WRONG.

According to celebrity fitness consultant and sports nutritionist Himanshu Kaushik of Equilibrium Pro Gym, Faridabad, training your oblique is a must, but just staying dedicated to the twister isn’t going to help you get there. He says, “There’s no denying that twitter has its own benefits, but if you’re not doing it right or overdoing it, you could be in serious trouble.”

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Here’s what overusing twitter can lead to

• Excessive use of the torsion board can cause lower back injuries. Repeated twisting can create back strains or sprains.
• Twisting of the knees can lead to a strain or during a meniscus tear. Remember that your hips rotate in the middle as well.
• If you have a situation that causes dizziness, the twist board may not be right for you.
That said, some twister moves aren’t bad. Use these tips to accept them
• Experiment with foot placement: The way you stand can affect your ability to balance.
• Experiment with arm placement: This can also facilitate your balance more effectively.
• Start rocking slowly from side to side: This can help acclimate you to the board. Keep your knees slightly bent to avoid injury. This can make it easier for your body to respond to the plank movement.
• Contract your core muscles to stay engaged: this can help provide stability and balance.

Also note:

Ditch the twister and do these exercises to get a flatter belly and stronger core

  1. Twist crunch cum sit-up: This is a mix of crunch sit-up and a twist. Basically, do a full sit-up and when you come back, hold it halfway down and do a twist.
  2. Seated rotation: Sit on the floor and bend your back at 45 degrees. Raise your legs and hold the pose. Place your hands behind your neck and rotate from left to right.
  3. Russian twists: Go on a basic forearm plank. Raise your hips a little and rotate them from left to right.
  4. Criss cross / bike push-ups: Lie down on a mat, place your hand below your neck and now move your legs alternately as if you were riding a bike. Try touching your elbow with your knee for best results.
  5. Standing Barbell Twist: Take a rod, place it behind your neck, wrap your arms and hold it properly. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and bend from side to side.

Also note:

“There is no doubt that getting rid of belly fat is tedious and requires strict dedication. Adding these twisting exercises to your exercise routine can help speed up the process. On the other hand, you have a twister, which is just a waste of time”, concludes Himanshu Kaushik.

So yes, go and bring the DP and Katrina Kaif inside you, but that’s only possible if you don’t overdo the twister!