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20 minute cardio session for weight loss

20 minute cardio session for weight loss

We have two options for you – the first is a one hour cardio session and the second is a fast cardio circuit – which will you choose to lose weight? Most of you will go for an hour in length, but do you know that cardio sessions need to be exercise-intensive and not time-intensive? So even if you have a few minutes up your sleeves, you can burn a similar amount of calories in a long stretch of cardio.

So why waste time when you can get better results even in a short period?

That’s why we have a no-equipment cardio session for you that you can do anywhere, anytime. 20 minutes is needed, that’s all!

Remember it’s going to be intense! So set the timer and tighten your laces as we are about to begin.

Here are 4 cardio exercises you need to do back-to-back to burn calories faster than ever before:

  1. Kickbacks and knee pads

    Let’s start a little slow. The first cardio exercise comprises two exercises that you must do alternately. First, you’ll do kicks, one with each leg, and then you’ll do knee highs, starting with each leg. This is a representative; then keep switching. Do this for one minute and move on to the next.

    aerobic exercisesHigh knees along with tuition fees are the way to lose weight. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

  2. Squats with jumping jacks

    Now it’s time to get your heart rate up with jumping jack squats. Spread your legs a little wider than shoulder-width apart, get into a squat position with your hands wide open at your sides (at your sides), then with a jump, bring your legs in and your hands above your head. . Now repeat.

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    Here is a crucial tip: don’t accelerate too much because you will lose your posture and all the effort will be in vain. Do this for a minute. Time for exercise three.

    exercises to lose weightKeep jumping, keep losing!

  3. alternate pulses

    Now you decide if you want to alternate the lunges with a jump or if you want to do it without it. Whatever you do, remember that your form needs to be intact and you don’t need to waste time switching legs. Do this for a minute. And now, the last.

    lungeTurn to HIIT exercises for fitness! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

  4. On-site race

    Here’s where you have to step up, friend. Get into a comfortable position and run on the spot. Bring that leg as high as you can and pass the movement. The faster the better. Don’t lose your stride here, because this is going to be hit or miss. Do this for a minute.

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Take a minute break, drink some water and get ready for the second round of the same circuit. You need to repeat this cardio circuit four times. Trust us, keep doing this circuit for a month and see what you’re missing.

Ufa! All sweaty, huh? I told you, it’s going to be quite a HIIT circuit. So now, whenever the clock is ticking and you have a few minutes to go, get into the groove with this session and you’re good to go.